Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Would you be ready to be paid per tag??

The very concept of pay per post is still in its infancy, but the pros and cons are being still under debate.Few of the arguments run as follows

Many sites have come up that are supposed to pay you per post such as PayPerPost.But have they defeated the very purpose of blogging!!.Well i am no authority on the purpose of blogging-but the commercialization of blogging will lead to decrease in credibility of the blogo-sphere.

However, the claim of these services is that they are only using the energies of the bloggers to promote products which are actually good!!. How good these products are is not the question--the question is whether such blogging can be considered as splogging or spam blogging. These will lead to messing up of the feed providing services by increasing the content by many folds. And whats more it will be repetitive content.

Some may even contend that displaying of context specific advertisements is also wrong. These ads will in turn be promoted by the blogs content--isn't it?? The very foundation of the internet is slowly based on advertisements. As more and more services become free, the dependence on advertisements is bound to increase.

Will the next wave see the creation of paid to tag services is to be seen?? The paid to tag service would involve specifying the url, tags to be used, may be even the time at which the url has to be tagged. It will become increasingly difficult to separate out spam tagging or spagging or spammaging or whatever it is that it is called from real bookmarking.

Most of the spam tagging that occurs today is done by overzealous bots. These get caught either due their rate of tagging or narrow range of tagging. The idea of paid to tag is rather better compared to paid to blog!! in the sense that you are not compelled to be positive about the product, unless off course they ask you to add good words about their site in the notes.

The main criteria for setting up such a service would be to set the ratio of amount to number of tags.May be a dollar for every 10 tags would be a reasonable starting point. But again will this be a breach of trust--many people have added you to their networks or watchlist as in delicious or simpy?

However, for now the bots seem to be doing the job of spammaging or spam tagging very well. Their only aim is to improve the search engine rankings. The idea may however, change if the
Networks that exist among the users has to be exploited or rather used!!



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